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Our second location is now open!
Our new office is located inside the LensCrafters in the Village at Totem Lake in Kirkland.
Please call (425) 602-6153 or CLICK HERE to request appointment in Kirkland ➤
401 NE Northgate Way Suite 1101 Seattle, WA 98125
Located at the north end of the Northgate Mall,
next to the Barnes and Noble | (206) 364-2273 | MapIt!
11901 NE Village Plaza, Suite 169 Kirkland, WA 98034
Located in the Village at Totem Lake in Kirkland
(425) 602-6153 | MapIt

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I appreciate the ongoing help and support that all of the staff provides. I feel confident that my eye care is managed with attention to detail.
SUSAN P    -    May 2015

WENDY M    -    April 2015

ERIC R    -    April 2015

SEAN R    -    April 2015

RAILIN P    -    April 2015

Very kind and understanding
CHARLES S    -    April 2015

I actually did refer my barber to your office this morning. Friendly staff, easy scheduling, convenience with LensCrafters shopping.
JOHN M    -    April 2015

TERI O    -    April 2015

WENDY S    -    April 2015

JOEL S    -    April 2015

Have sent many to your office. Like the flexibility and having glasses available in same location. Had gal I've not seen before exam my eyes last time. Decided to have pupils dilated for further testing. Drops that were put in burned and was so painful. I've not had that happen before and was concerned. Instead of a laugh it would have been more comforting to have compassion and possible explanation for unusual discomfort. Wondered if glue from lash extensions contributed? Will schedule with other practitioner next visit.
SHELLEY N    -    April 2015

AUDREY S    -    April 2015

Dr. Nevett is excellent. I have been getting my eye exams by him for years now. He recently diagnosed a condition that could have caused eye sight loss but due to his exam and referral I had eye surgery that saved my vision. Our whole family see's him and we highly recommend him!
DAVID K    -    April 2015

THOMAS M    -    April 2015

Very nicely run place, with friendly and efficient staff members. They do a good job of maintaining your records from one year to the next which is something I have found useful. The doctors have up to date equipment and so I have seen and experienced progress along the way during the many years I've been using their services. I have also found that the doctor explains things in good detail and lets you know what they are doing and why, which is a very nice way of learning about the health of your eyes. Sometimes the wait if quite long even if you arrive on time, so I will recommend to plan on some additional time for your appointment. This is more true on weekends and towards the end of the calendar year which is the time I had this experience. If you go during the weekdays and scheduled an appointment well before December then it is likely the duration will not be much more. I like that they are proximity to Lens Crafters because it becomes a one stop shop literally if you want to combine the testing with the glasses measurement and ordering. Being in the Northgate Mall is also a good benefit to the customers since you can spend some time shopping either before or after your appointment. I know this is not necessarily the primary reason for visiting the place, but in our busy lives every little bit of help in some form or the other is very helpful!
Murli K    -    April 2015

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Northgate Mall 401 NE Northgate Way Suite 1101 Seattle, WA 98125 Phone: (206) 364-2273
Village at Totem Lake 11901 NE Village Plaza Suite 169 Kirkland, WA 98034 Phone: (425) 602-6153

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